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Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2013"

Qiagen Press Release. This is the third CDx test to be approved for EGFR, and it is the second EGFR mutation test for a lung cancer therapeutic released this year (Roche’s COBAS test was released in May as a CDx for erlotinib). Dako’s IHC test was released in 2004 as a CDx for…(Read More)

CMAJ: Uneven accessibility to biomarker test for lung cancer. Interesting adoption case study in Canada. EGFR testing is not paid for by the public healthcare system in all provinces (as an aside, I had no idea that there was province-to-province variability in coverage in Canada). AstraZeneca provided financial support for testing for 12…(Read More)

Medicare Has Stopped Paying Bills For Medical Diagnostic Tests. Patients Will Feel The Effects – Forbes. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) decided to do away with old code stacking system for test reimbursement, and had a year to come up with a new system. After not coming up with a solution a year…(Read More)