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Company press release: Veracyte Receives Aetna Coverage for Its Afirma® Gene Expression Classifier for Use in Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis. The Afirma® test offered by Veracyte measures 142 genes by RNA expression array (manufactured by Affymetrix) to provide the likelihood that thyroid nodules of indeterminate nature (as classified by a cytopathologist) are cancerous and thus deserving…(Read More)

Pathwork Dx Defunct; Future of Tissue of Origin Test Unclear from GenomeWeb Pathwork Diagnostics has gone out of business as of April 2. Here is the timeline: – Launched in 2006 when Predicant Biosciences merged with Pathwork Informatics and the merged entity, based in Redwood City, was called Pathway Diagnostics; – Marketed a microarray-based 2,000…(Read More)

Margaret Hamburg took the opportunity, at the end of a speech honoring a colleague at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), to make some pointed comments that should make LDT developers every more concerned about impending regulation of their wares. Key quote: Hamburg then states that the FDA “is working…(Read More)


Real-Time COVID R&D Tracking

As COVID-19 infections continue to spread, organizations with technologies or devices that can support new drug, vaccine, or test development have a life-saving contribution to make. The Amplion Intelligence Platform can alert you to new COVID-19 trial activities in real-time and automatically match you to partners who need your unique capabilities immediately. It’s already tomorrow somewhere, so let us help you start today.  Learn More

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