Webinar Video: 

Supercharge Your Biomarker Analysis and Selection

In case you missed it, view the video recording of our recent webinar to learn: 

  • The factors that should determine a biomarkers appropriateness for your product portfolio 
  • How to structure complex analysis to choose biomarker with the most commercial viability and opportunity 
  • Receive a complementary biomarker analysis template



John Audette

Co-Founder and CEO

John is passionate about accelerating basic research discoveries into healthcare advancements.  John became aware of the need for a resource like BiomarkerBase during his 7 years running MitoSciences Inc. (now part of Abcam plc).  Trying to identify the next targets for new monoclonal antibodies and drug screening assays was a continuing challenge, despite the availability of lots of relevant information in the public domain.

John writes actively on topics related to biomarkers and personalized medicine at our blog Biomarker Trends.  John also supports the biotech industry as a board member for the Oregon Bioscience Association and the Professional Science Masters Program at Oregon State University.


Seth Taylor

Head of Product

As an enterprise software entrepreneur, Seth’s career has included co-founding a recruiting software company, and Workday, a huge success in the burgeoning SaaS enterprise software space. Seth is excited to see Amplion contribute to the realization of the promise of personalized medicine.


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