Fail Early, Fail Fast - And Increase Likelihood-of-Approval

What is this saying “Fail Early, Fail Fast” all about? Is there any merit to it and how is this changing the game for all pharmaceutical drug development companies? Here we will give our thoughts and opinions into how this really carries over to the real world and how it affects the industry.

Chart of the Week: Phase 3 LOA Vs Precision Medicine Score

This week’s Chart of the Week attempts to communicate the correlation between a Company's Precision Medicine Score and the Company's Phase 3 Likelihood of Approval (LOA). This chart depicts how as a company increases their Precision Medicine Score, they will also see an increase in their likelihood ...

Liquid Biopsy in Precision Medicine Webinar

Yesterday we held the second installment of our Liquid Biopsy in Precision Medicine webinar.   We covered: The state of the art for the liquid biopsy landscape The methodology for identifying biomarkers in liquid biopsy panels The top liquid biopsy biomarker panels The companies creating liquid ...

Precision Medicine Innovation Not Just a Numbers Game

We published a revision to our Precision Medicine Scorecard: Drug Company Edition last month. As John Audette rightfully notes, there are multiple factors in a pharmaceutical company's contribution to precision medicines:

Chart of the Week: Celgene Precision Medicine Activities Graph

We've been curious about Celgene's activity in precision medicine for some time.  We've posted blog posts here, here and here proposing that Celgene's activities are indicative of a precision medicine push.  As a supplement, this weeks CotW is a network graph of Celgene's clinical trial activity, ...




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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