The First Ever Blood Biomarker For Multiple Sclerosis Discovered.

Huge news coming in the world of health and science as the first ever blood biomarker for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been discovered.

Biomarkers and The Adoption Cycle: Where are we now?

This week we introduced the correlation between a company's biomarker coverage in their clinical trial pipeline and their Likelihood of Approval. After showing correlation between approval and biomarker use, we wanted to know more about a company’s biomarker use year over year. As we dove deeper ...

Companion Diagnostics Play a Confusing Role with PD-1 Inhibitors

There are now three approved drugs that target PD-1 either directly or indirectly, and more are under development.While these drugs all seek to inhibit PD-1’s immune suppressive activity, they are quite different in the ways that companion diagnostic tests play a role in their use.

Precision Medicine Innovation Not Just a Numbers Game

We published a revision to our Precision Medicine Scorecard: Drug Company Edition last month. As John Audette rightfully notes, there are multiple factors in a pharmaceutical company's contribution to precision medicines:

Chart of the Week: Celgene Precision Medicine Activities Graph

We've been curious about Celgene's activity in precision medicine for some time.  We've posted blog posts here, here and here proposing that Celgene's activities are indicative of a precision medicine push.  As a supplement, this weeks CotW is a network graph of Celgene's clinical trial activity, ...




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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