LDT Companies Out-Perform IVD Companies

Last week we posted an analysis of the growth rates and market caps for companies that develop IVD tests (which was in itself a follow-up to some analyses from a couple of years ago).  This week we are presenting the same analysis for developers of lab-developed tests (LDTs).  On both of the ...

Dx Test Developers Experience Declining Revenue Growth

The news this week that CMS may reduce rates for some molecular diagnostic tests (by over 70% in a couple of cases) stimulated the idea of taking a quick look at the current market dynamics for diagnostic test developers.

CROs Identifying Business Opportunities with Biomarkers

We are interested in how biomarkers are used in all aspects of healthcare.  Today Amplion is focused on the supporting the research side of healthcare with our product BiomarkerBase, helping diagnostic, pharma and life science companies make strategic decisions involving the use of biomarkers.

Is This a Big Opportunity for Diagnostic Test Developers?

Since the inception of this blog over 4 years ago, one of the key topics has been companion diagnostic testing for cytochrome p450 (CYP) mutations. Indeed this was the topic of the very first post.

CMS Plan for Test Pricing Seems to Favor Large Labs

by John Audette | Nov 01, 2015 | Marketing, News, Reimbursement

CMS has finally released its plan for market-based reimbursement of lab testing, and early reaction from industry seems to be that large test providers such as Quest and LabCorp will benefit most from the new system.




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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