Biomarkers and The Adoption Cycle: Where are we now?

This week we introduced the correlation between a company's biomarker coverage in their clinical trial pipeline and their Likelihood of Approval. After showing correlation between approval and biomarker use, we wanted to know more about a company’s biomarker use year over year. As we dove deeper ...

We collaborated with BIO and Informa on a ground-breaking study

We write a lot of blog posts and produce long form reports on various biomarker-related topics.  Those efforts have netted us several exciting collaboration opportunities.  Recently, we had the opportunity to contribute to the largest study of clinical trials success rates in collaboration with BIO ...

Chart of the Week: Update: Unique Biomarkers in Pharma

On January 29th, we posted a CotW outlining the top 10 pharma companies by number of unique biomarkers those companies are using in trials.  We thought it was about time to update that chart and expand it to the top 25 pharma companies. Interesting facts to note:

Precision Medicine Innovation Not Just a Numbers Game

We published a revision to our Precision Medicine Scorecard: Drug Company Edition last month. As John Audette rightfully notes, there are multiple factors in a pharmaceutical company's contribution to precision medicines:

Biomarker Panels Explode in LDTs

by John Audette | May 04, 2016 | LDT Regulation, Innovators

In this blog we have regularly assumed (without hard data until now) that most biomarker innovation was taking place in laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) as opposed to tests cleared and approved by FDA, and we can now confirm that this assumption is correct.




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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