Biomarkers and The Adoption Cycle: Where are we now?

This week we introduced the correlation between a company's biomarker coverage in their clinical trial pipeline and their Likelihood of Approval. After showing correlation between approval and biomarker use, we wanted to know more about a company’s biomarker use year over year. As we dove deeper ...

Precision Medicine Focus: Psychiatric Biomarkers

Orginally posted on LinkedIn An interesting article was published today in the Journal of Precision Medicine describing the importance of testing psychiatry patients for mutations in two companion diagnostic biomarkers, CYP2D6 and CYP2C19. These are indeed important biomarkers for safe ...

Lawsuit a Catalyst for LDT Regulation Progress?

We have written extensively about health system regulation in this blog, with a keen interest in how LDT regulation will shake out.  In our other blog we've even argued strongly for caution in LDT regulation, primarily to avoid stifling innovation.  However, our tune is changing as more and more ...

Tracking Biomarker Trends Still a Big Problem

GenomeWeb published an article today about the connection between BRCA2 and prostate tumors.  As always, a clear connection between a biomarker like BRCA2 and a disease area is good for the future of personalized medicine.  It will allow us to better tailor therapies to individuals with certain ...

Chart of the Week: CDx Driving Biomarker Discovery - Bonus, Novelty

This week's chart is pulled from the same analysis we did last week.  Last week we introduced the concept of a biomarker quadrant showing Hot, Common, Emerging, and Under-performing biomarkers by usage since first introduced.  This week we want to simplify things  in our Chart of the Week.  This ...




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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