Precision Medicine Scorecard Revision: Novartis Leads The Way

We have just updated our Precision Medicine Scorecard, where we rank drug developers based on how much they are contributing to the advancement of precision medicine.  For this edition of the Scorecard we incorporated pipeline data and it greatly enriched the rankings.  

Metabolic Biomarkers Dominate Companion Diagnostics

We are soon going to release a report describing trends in the development and use of companion diagnostic biomarkers, and a key part of preparing this report was breaking down companion diagnostic biomarkers into relevant groups.  A very clear initial division is between metabolic and ...

Tracking Biomarker Trends Still a Big Problem

GenomeWeb published an article today about the connection between BRCA2 and prostate tumors.  As always, a clear connection between a biomarker like BRCA2 and a disease area is good for the future of personalized medicine.  It will allow us to better tailor therapies to individuals with certain ...

Chart of the Week: Personalized Medicine Dependent on Time to Market

In a CotW a few weeks ago we postulated that based on biomarker discovery work Celgene is poised to dominate personalized medicine.  However, this week's chart suggests that if Celgene's rise in personalized medicine is to happen it could be a long ways off.  Other big pharma are getting biomarkers ...

Chart of the Week: Innovative Biopharma = Faster Biomarkers to Trial

A few months ago we investigated the use of unique biomarkers by big biopharma.  The use of unique biomarkers served as a measure of innovation for each of the biggest biopharma companies.  The most innovative companies are progressing biomarkers to trials more quickly than their less innovative ...

EUDAMED Access and LDT Uncertainty Threatens Personalized Medicine

At Amplion we have a commercial interest in access to high quality clinical information that can inform and contribute to our flagship product, BiomarkerBase.  However, we are truly passionate about contributing to higher quality, more personalized, medical advancements that improve the overall ...




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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