Chart of the Week: Protein IVDs Flatline Nucleic Acid IVDs Explode

This week we took a look at FDA-cleared and approved IVDs for oncology, and grouped them based on whether they measure proteins or nucleic acids.  Protein-based tests have historically been the dominant type used in the clinic, but this is changing rapidly.  Based on our just-completed forecast, ...

Chart of the Week: CDx Driving Biomarker Discovery - Bonus, Novelty

This week's chart is pulled from the same analysis we did last week.  Last week we introduced the concept of a biomarker quadrant showing Hot, Common, Emerging, and Under-performing biomarkers by usage since first introduced.  This week we want to simplify things  in our Chart of the Week.  This ...

New white paper reveals how biomarkers contribute to the progress of Precision Medicine

At Amplion, we see biomarkers as the key to delivering on the promise of personalized medicine. From drug research and discovery and companion diagnostic development to patient care, we understand that biomarkers will drive personalized care.

Chart of the Week: The Race to the Biomarkers Tipping Point

This week's Chart of the Week is an interesting one.  We will most likely have a follow up after further analysis of the data from BiomarkerBase.  Basically, the chart shows the total commercial usage of a biomarker by company count since the biomarkers first clinical usage, by years.  This ...

CROs Identifying Business Opportunities with Biomarkers

We are interested in how biomarkers are used in all aspects of healthcare.  Today Amplion is focused on the supporting the research side of healthcare with our product BiomarkerBase, helping diagnostic, pharma and life science companies make strategic decisions involving the use of biomarkers.




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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