Google is Developing a Nanoparticle System for Biomarker Detection

Andrew Conrad, Head of Life Sciences at Google, announced last week at the Wall Street Journal Digital conference that Google is developing a wearable sensor that can receive signals from circulating nanoparticles.

Is Ovarian Cancer Under-Served by Personalized Medicine?

Ovarian cancer is the most fatal gynecological cancer, and among the most fatal of all cancer types. The five year survival rate for ovarian cancer is 44.6%, which (remarkably) is exactly half that of breast cancer.

Oxford University Makes Huge Investment in Personalized Medicine

Oxford University this week announced the establishment of the Precision Cancer Medicine Institute (PCMI) with an initial investment of over $175 million. This new institute will carry out research into advanced cancer diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and is being funded in cooperation with ...

U.S. Behind the Curve in RAS Mutation Testing

In news from last month's European Society for Medical Oncology Congress in Madrid, it appears that the United States lags behind the European Union in comprehensiveness of testing for RAS mutations.

New Revelations from Congressional Hearing on LDT Regulation

by John Audette | Oct 06, 2014 | LDT Regulation, News, Regulation

I finally had a chance to watch the complete Congressional hearing on LDT regulation that took place several weeks ago. Several interesting things came up which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else:

Personalized Medicine Gains Traction

A recent article recapping the annual meeting of the America Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP) focuses on how many major hospital systems are establishing pharmacogenomic (PGx) programs to bring personalized medicine to their patients.




Pharmacovigilance and Safety Biomarkers

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