Liquid Biopsy and Precision Medicine

In case you missed it, view the slides of our recent webinar to learn:

  • The state of the art for the liquid biopsy landscape
  • The methodology for identifying biomarkers in liquid biopsy panels
  • The top liquid biopsy biomarker panels
  • The companies creating liquid biopsy biomarker panels
  • The trends in liquid biopsy biomarker innovation



Seth Taylor

Head of Product and Marketing

As an enterprise software entrepreneur, Seth’s career has included co-founding a recruiting software company, and Workday, a huge success in the burgeoning SaaS enterprise software space. Seth is excited to see Amplion contribute to the realization of the promise of personalized medicine.


Dr. Wendy Rubinstein

Senior Scientist and Director, NIH Genetic Testing Registry

Dr. Wendy Rubinstein is a Senior Scientist at the National Institutes of Health and Director of the NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR).  Dr. Rubinstein has 15 years’ experience directing adult genetics programs and is an authority on hereditary cancer susceptibility, genetic testing, and bioinformatics. She holds dual certification in clinical genetics and clinical molecular genetics (ABMG) and is a Fellow of ACMG and ACP.

Dr. Rubinstein oversaw the development, launch, and expansion of GTR, now the most comprehensive open-access genetic testing database in the world. She contributes to ClinVar, NCBI’s noted resource of clinically relevant variation and leads MedGen, a comprehensive resource for conditions with a genetic contribution. Dr. Rubinstein works closely with the NIH Office of the Director and serves as a liaison to FDA, CMS, professional medical and laboratory associations, test code providers, genetic information analysts and vendors, and others. In 2012, Dr. Rubinstein received the NIH Director’s Award for work on the GTR. 


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